SOLIDWORKS 2024 Activation Issue & Fix

10 January 2024

Advice from the Visiativ technical support team for those experiencing upgrade issues.

We have had reports of an activation issue when upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024 from older versions. This is due to a change in the latest FlexLM licensing technology that SOLIDWORKS 2024 uses.

In short, the internal ID of your computer is changed resulting in an ‘Activation Count Exceeded’ warning.

In order to avoid this issue, you will need to deactivate your license from your earlier release of SOLIDWORKS before you begin installing SOLIDWORKS 2024.

To do this, please perform the following 3 steps:

  1. Launch the earlier installed release of SOLIDWORKS
  2. Go to ‘Help’ () -> ‘Licenses’ -> ‘Deactivate’ and follow the screen prompts to deactivate the license, ready for installation and activation of SOLIDWORKS 2024 in step 3
  3. Install / Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2024 and activate the license

Note for Visiativ UK customers:

If you’ve already attempted to upgrade without following the above steps and have the warning, or need any further information, please get in touch with the SOLIDWORKS support team today.

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