About Visiativ

Visiativ is a professional services and consulting business, helping companies in the UK and Ireland accelerate and fund their innovation and digital adoption strategy.

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Who we are

What we do

We enable innovation for our clients through a range of funding, technology and digital adoption products and services.

Our digital engineering and manufacturing solutions empower employees to create, transform, collaborate and share, whether working on-site or remotely.

Our innovation funding services help our customers secure tax reliefs, incentives, grants and other funding, transforming businesses, realising their ambitions and securing competitive advantage.

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Our story so far

Established in 1987, Visiativ is a French-listed technology and consulting group servicing more than 25,000 customer businesses worldwide. We’re focused on strong corporate risk & control governance – a strong balance sheet enables us to continually invest in the customer experience.

With reported revenues of €277 million in 2023, we currently have more than 1,500 employees and operate in 15 countries – Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, USA, Switzerland and, of course, the UK and Ireland. We are one of the world’s largest 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS resellers.

In the UK and Ireland, Visiativ’s ‘Solutions’ story began in 1989, with CCSL, 1998 with Solid Applications and 2002 for Innova Systems. Our ‘Consulting’ story began in 2007 with Jumpstart and then ABGI.

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Our values

  • Co-development

    Successful business transformation involves many people. We recognise that working as a team with colleagues and customers where we all participate, share and collaborate leads to better outcomes for all.

  • Trust

    We work with customers, partners and each other openly, honestly and sincerely. We cultivate our business relationships, keep our promises and aim to be a trusted adviser and partner to our customers.

  • Inventiveness

    We’re always looking to innovate and improve – finding new and better ways to do things. We look to the future, anticipating customer needs and imagining solutions.

  • Flexibility

    No two businesses are the same. Our customers operate in dynamic environments and their plans constantly evolve. We tailor our service to each customer, embracing change and adapting to whatever it brings.

Working at Visiativ

Visiativ is a committed and inclusive employer. We see it as our duty to ensure that every working day every employee enjoys going to work and feels safe and satisfied. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop their talents and potential and is encouraged to bring to life the ideas they believe in.

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