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Together we can achieve great results. Partnering with Visiativ gives you the opportunity to offer value-added services to your clients from an international leader in innovation funding and incentives.

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Navigating the complex landscape of innovation funding solutions for your clients has become increasingly demanding. Identifying and securing the appropriate funding option is no easy task.

In the realm of tax incentives, notable options include R&D tax relief, Patent Box, and Capital Allowances. Additionally, a diverse array of funding sources exists, ranging from grants and loans to equity investment, business angels, venture capital, and even crowdfunding. However, each avenue presents its own set of challenges, be it related to eligibility criteria, the application process, or potential implications on other opportunities.

Achieving success requires a blend of technical and scientific expertise, industry knowledge, tax acumen, familiarity with funding mechanisms, and for clients with global operations, a grasp of local dynamics.


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PCRT (Personal Conduct in Relation to Taxation) couldn’t be any clearer: paragraph 2.11 : “Members must not provide R&D tax advice unless they are competent to do so.”

PCRT again – member firms “must not undertake professional work which they are not competent to perform unless they obtain appropriate assistance from a suitably qualified specialist”.

From April 2023, Accountants preparing R&D tax relief claims will need to have their firm’s name explicitly stated on the R&D claim submission. If the claim is put into enquiry and goes wrong, the accountant will be leaving themselves open to a claim for professional incompetence.

Clearly now is the time to use Visiativ. R&D tax is what we’ve been doing for 15years – trust us to provide high quality, high integrity work for you and your clients.

Why partner with Visiativ?

  • We do most of the work

    We realise you and your clients have businesses to run. So we’ve perfected a range of methodologies for claiming grants, capital allowances, R&D tax relief and other incentives that keeps time commitment to an absolute minimum. Although you and your clients can, of course, be as involved as you like.

  • We work with you to maximise your return on investment

    We recognise that applying for funding and securing tax incentives can expose a business to risk, if not managed properly. We assign you an account manager, who will project manage the whole process and coordinate with you and your clients’  relevant departments.


  • We prioritise quality, ensuring your clients are in capable hands

    Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous independent audits and annual verification of all our processes. Rest assured, our robust and proven procedures consistently deliver on their intended objectives.

  • We minimise the risks

    Funding applications and tax incentives can offer financial rewards, they also come with inherent risks if not handled diligently.With HMRC’s heightened scrutiny, it is crucial to submit precise and reliable claims. Failing to do so can expose your clients to inquiries and audits.


  • We have experts to ensure your clients get the best results

    At Visiativ, we pride ourselves on our extensive team of accomplished scientists and engineers, spanning diverse sectors. They undergo continuous and comprehensive training on pertinent legislation, regulations, and HMRC guidelines through in-house training.

  • We adapt to your situation

    For companies with multi-country claims, we can manage the process at an individual country level or route all dialogue through your company’s headquarters.

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