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We take full responsibility for defending your claims

Irrespective of the method by which your claim was submitted, be it through an internal team, accountants, or other advisors, it is important to recognise that there is always a possibility of an enquiry from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). Given the changes on August 1st regarding the application process for R&D tax credits, this risk of an enquiry from HMRC becomes even more pertinent.

We have an excellent and on-hand enquiry defence team here at Visiativ. We are on hand to assist businesses that have independently completed their tax returns or used an external provider.

Our dedicated team is here to take responsibility of defending your claim and executing an optimal defence strategy, all while engaging in constructive negotiations with the pertinent tax authorities. Our unwavering objective is to attain a resolution that is mutually agreeable and beneficial for all parties involved.

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  • HMRC enquiry timescales and limits

    HMRC enquiries for R&D tax credits in the UK can be complex, requiring extensive evidence and consequences of these enquiries can impact future applications. These enquiries can be time-consuming to resolve, diverting resources from other important business activities.



  • Claim retractions

    When it comes to enquiry defence for R&D tax relief, HMRC imposes certain claim restrictions. These restrictions may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. It is essential to ensure that your R&D tax relief claims comply with the guidelines set by HMRC to avoid potential claim restrictions or challenges during an enquiry.



  • Documentation requests

    When submitting R&D tax credit applications to HMRC in the UK, it is important to be prepared for potential documentation requests. HMRC may require specific documentation to support your claim and verify the eligibility of your R&D activities and associated costs.


Visiativ and Enquiry Defence

VISIATIV UK has established an outstanding track record of successfully defending clients against tax authority examinations worldwide. Our team of experts is dedicated to collaborating with your technical and financial teams to address any queries raised by HMRC regarding your R&D tax relief claim.

  • To meet HMRC’s requirements and strengthen your claim, our team will assist you in formulating compelling responses and providing any additional technical explanations necessary. We conduct a thorough investigation and make adjustments to supporting cost documentation, if required, before resubmitting it to HMRC.
  • Our primary objective is to ensure that your claim is presented in the most robust manner possible. We offer comprehensive guidance, support, and preparation for HMRC calls and site visits, empowering you to navigate the process with confidence.
  • In the event of an enquiry, we work closely with your accountant to create precise amended tax computations, ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout the process.

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