Working at Visiativ

Visiativ is a committed and inclusive employer. We see it as our duty to ensure that every working day every employee enjoys going to work and feels safe and satisfied. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop their talents and potential and is encouraged to bring to life the ideas they believe in.

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About us

We enable innovation for our clients through a range of funding, technology and digital adoption products and services.

Our digital solutions empower employees to create, transform, collaborate and share, whether working on-site or remotely.

Our innovation funding services help clients secure tax reliefs, incentives, grants and other funding, transforming businesses, realising their ambitions and securing competitive advantage.

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The four pillars of our employee experience

  • Originall – is our DNA

    Collaboration has been the foundation of our DNA for 35 years.

    Working together drives us to move forward together towards a common goal: to support the transformation of the company and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

    We encourage everyone to believe in their ideas, bring them to life, get involved and make their voices heard.

  • Equall – to succeed

    Convinced of the wealth that diversity brings to business, Visiativ works daily to build a more open and tolerant company, where everyone can flourish and grow professionally, contributing to the company’s sustainable development.

    Equality, diversity and inclusion are therefore at the core of Visiativ’s values, values ​​that we strive to uphold every day with all our employees.

  • Inspirationall – to make an impact

    We’re convinced that engagement is essential for employee well-being and commitment.

    That’s why we place great emphasis on work-life balance, e.g. working from home, an extra day’s holiday to do whatever you choose, so that everyone can flourish in an inspiring environment.

  • Potentiall – to aim higher

    At Visiativ, we’re committed to developing the potential of our employees by supporting them individually at every stage of their development within the company.

    From the application process to acquiring new skills, we have innovative, adaptable and personalised resources and programs to help them develop their potential and train for the challenges of tomorrow’s jobs.

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