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R&D Tax Relief in the Architecture & Building industry

In the past, architects and construction firms preferred to stick to the tried and tested, with innovations focused more on the look and style rather than the underlying techniques.

Now a range of pressures is driving innovation in the sector – the need to deliver more units more quickly, and to improve sustainability, rising materials costs and a shortage of skilled labour. New materials and technologies could offer solutions, leading to a lot more research and development within the architecture, building services and construction industries.

R&D tax credits can provide significant financial rewards to companies in the architecture, building services and construction sectors. This money can then be used for everything from fuelling future growth to easing cashflow.

Examples of qualifying activity for R&D Tax Relief

  • ✓ Developing new or improved modular construction techniques

    ✓ Developing new or improved building materials

    ✓ Energy efficiency systems



  • ✓ Substituting one material for another – such as using wood where only concrete has been used before

    ✓ Acoustic dampening, isolation or distribution within a space.

  • ✓ Extending the limits of what can be done using existing materials – for example, while wood buildings are limited to six stories, new designs are attempting to build up to 20

Our customers say…

Before talking to Visiativ we didn’t realise we could claim tax relief on failed R&D projects. This is encouraging us to execute even more innovative ideas, knowing that we can make a claim. We would recommend Visiativ to other businesses. They are a professional organisation with experienced, well-trained and qualified people who know how to convert your R&D into a tax credit claim making your future more sustainable.

Mark Combes, Managing Director, Severn Partnership

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How Visiativ can help you

At Visiativ, we can help your company make robust, successful, compliant R&D tax relief claims. Our team of technical experts knows all about the regulations and guidelines specific to claiming R&D tax relief in the architecture, building services and construction sectors. We know what to claim, how to claim and, perhaps most importantly of all, the many pitfalls to avoid.

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