Innovation Consulting

Visiativ provides a range of services focused on Intellectual Property (IP), catering to companies seeking assistance in refining their Innovation Strategy and optimising Incentives.

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Visiativ’s Innovation Consulting Services

Intellectual Property (IP) services: We offer multiple in-house services that will provide critical advice on maximising the potential of your IP.

Innovation Strategy: We can help you build and protect your IP portfolio and to leverage the maximum value from the IP assets in your business.

Incentives Optimisation: We can help you build and protect your IP portfolio and to leverage the maximum value from the IP assets in your business.


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Intellectual Property Services

  • IP Audits

    At Visiativ, we offer a comprehensive IP review service, covering Patentable Subject Matter, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, and Designs. We also recommend familiarising yourself with ISO 56005:2020, the latest standard for Innovation Management. Together, we can optimise your intellectual property assets and enhance your innovation management practices.

  • Patent Searching and Landscaping

    These services provide you with crucial insights into your competitors’ technology and patent activities. By analysing their patents, we help you understand the landscape in which your research and development (R&D) efforts operate. This analysis helps you understand your own R&D output and pipelines, allowing you to make informed decisions on which areas are worth filing patent applications for.

  • Patent Watching and Observing

    We offer alert services for patent applications that may affect your products or services. We can help you submit observations to the Patent Office before the patent application is granted. Additionally, we provide assistance with European Patent Oppositions through our network of European Patent Attorney associate firms.

  • Patent Strategy Advice

    We can provide advice on how to monetise your Intellectual Property, identify possible partners and identify why, on what subject matter, when and where you should file patent applications. We can also facilitate ideation workshops and help you capture more of the inventions your staff are generating.

  • Patent Drafting and Filing

    Maximum possible commercial protection is achieved by registering your IP. We can either prepare patent specifications to be filed by our Patent Attorney partners or prepare full Invention Disclosures for your own Patent Attorney to finalise and file at a Patent Office. Both options have the potential to save considerable Patent Attorney time and costs.

  • Patent Box

    Visiativ can help you establish accurate systems to track patent-associated profits, assess them against costs, prepare reports, and calculate your patent box profit for tax return purposes. We provide guidance on effectively managing the interaction between R&D tax relief and Patent Box schemes, as well as staying updated on legislative changes and their impact on current and future patent box claims.

Innovation Strategy

Support with claims, businesses cases, company structure and global tax incentives.

No matter what funding obstacles you face in driving innovation, our team possesses the knowledge and skills to assist you. At Visiativ, we adopt a customised approach that is specifically designed to cater to your unique requirements.

Visiativ provides a comprehensive range of services to support your innovation endeavours:

Expert Guidance: We offer assistance in completing claims, conducting risk assessments, implementing effective cost capture methods, and providing detailed technical input.

Business Case Support: Our team can help you build compelling business cases by highlighting how various incentives can contribute to your overall financial objectives.

System and Process Design: We ensure that relevant costs are accurately captured and easily identifiable for future claims, contributing to efficient system and process design.

Subcontracting Advice: We provide insights into subcontracting contract arrangements and their potential impact on your claims.

Global Tax Incentives: With our extensive knowledge of tax incentive schemes worldwide, we offer a global perspective to optimise funding opportunities.

Company Structure Guidance: We provide advice on company structures and how they can impact your funding prospects.

At Visiativ, we understand that each client has unique requirements, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

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