Discover How R&D Tax Relief Can Benefit Your Farming Business

Farming and agriculture are the backbone of the UK economy. It’s crucial that farmers receive as much financial support as possible. As Ulster Farmers Union’s Corporate Member, Visiativ can help you access innovation funding.

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Financial Support for Farming Innovations

This government incentive is designed to give tax back to farmers who are working towards new ways of making their operations more efficient. It rewards innovation, providing funding for R&D, helping you create new products and processes, allowing you to continue innovating and thriving.

Activities which innovative farmers undertake every day could qualify for this tax incentive – for example:

  • developing  higher-yielding crop strains and new methods of crop planting
  • developing more environmentally friendly products and processes
  • reducing energy use
  • reducing crops/livestock disease
  • repurposing of waste produce, and more.

Even if a project doesn’t succeed, you can still claim tax relief!

R&D tax credits can make a huge difference, yet they’re often underused because farmers don’t know about them or think the process of claiming is too complicated or time-consuming.

So, what activities qualify for relief, and how can you claim?

Read our guide to R&D in Agriculture and Farming to find out more. Our guide provides straightforward information on eligible activities and spending, real case studies, and feedback from other farmers. Find out everything you need to know to access funding for your innovative projects.

Start the Process with Visiativ

Ulster Farmers Union has teamed up with Innovation Funding specialists Visiativ to help farmers claim the R&D tax credits to which they are entitled. Visiativ already works with many agri-industry companies. Their specialist team is led by Susan Lawther, who comes from a farming family and understands the specific challenges and opportunities facing farmers.

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