New HMRC Guidance for Large Businesses

11 August 2023

HMRC have published new guidance for Large Businesses approaching R&D claims and it contains useful information on project sampling, R&D reports and which technical narratives should be written up in the Additional Information Form.

This is the first published guidance in which HMRC have set this out in detail regarding project sampling requirements that companies with large numbers of projects must meet. Large companies must have this agreed with HMRC prior to a claim. If you’re unsure whether your current sampling methodology is compliant or how to approach presenting this to HMRC, why not chat with us?

Companies with 10+ projects have multiple ways of selecting the 10 projects to be described in the new Additional Information Form. If you’re uncertain what would be the most appropriate methodology for your claim, we can advise on this.

Large companies are expected to proactively engage with HMRC to have their claim methodology agreed before filing a claim. We highly recommend large businesses seek the advice of specialists who work with HMRC on a daily basis to ensure this is presented appropriately.

What Visiativ can do for you

We have been managing claims in both the SME and large company markets for over 15 years, which means that we have experience and resources to handle HMRC’s increased compliance check activities and the knowledge to develop robust methodologies that quantify R&D spend across multinational enterprises.

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