How To: Access & Download SOLIDWORKS Training Files

27 June 2024

Why do you need SOLIDWORKS Training Files?

If you’ve booked a place on a SOLIDWORKS training course, or would simply like to brush up on the skills you’ve learned on one, you’re going to need the SOLIDWORKS training files. These downloadable packages include the case studies and exercises from each course and are essential to the completion of your training.

All you need is your PC, an internet connection and this guide, so let’s get started…

Creating a 3DEXPERIENCE account

Firstly, to create a 3DEXPERIENCE account go to and select ‘Log In’ in the top right corner.

Then select ‘Create Your 3DEXPERIENCE ID’ and fill in the form on the next page. If possible, use your company email address, as your software licences are more likely to be registered to these details.

Downloading the Training Files

From select ‘Support’ and then select ‘Training Files’.

On the following page you can filter the options with Course Area and Manual Title. You can also filter to year version – just be aware that training files are not published for every book, every year.

You will need to download the training files which match the year version of the SOLIDWORKS software you are using.

NOTE: on some browsers you may need to Right-click, “Save link as…” to download.

Extracting the Training Files

Some of the downloaded training files are self-extracting (.exe file extension), you can double click on these to start the process. However, others are just a zip file (.zip file extension) to extract these Right click and choose “Extract All…”

We would recommend extracting to the desktop as shown below. Once extracted you will find inside the Training Files folder; a folder for each lesson, with Case Study files, and exercises.

The process is now complete!

If you’ve encountered any issues or need assistance, Visiativ customers can contact Technical Support and we’ll be happy to help!

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