Ecomar Propulsion moving forward thanks to SOLIDWORKS

17 March 2023

Located in Hampshire, Visiativ customer, Ecomar Propulsion, researches, develops, and produces high-performance electric and hybrid hydrogen marine propulsion systems.

The company’s Managing Director, Eugene Bari, started the business due to his passion for powerboat racing and his desire to build the fastest boat possible. Eugene later discovered, however, that there was a greater demand for commercial shipping. So, rather than making the quickest, he decided to focus on creating the cleanest boat he could.

Eugene and his team began developing new propulsion systems, integrating hydrogen and electric technology controls to make the marine environment a much safer, cleaner, and more advanced environment to work in. Ecomar has grown substantially in recent times, with a mission to reduce maritime greenhouse gas emissions by ten million tonnes within the next decade.

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Why Ecomar chose the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs & Start-ups scheme

Starting a business from scratch can be tough, but Ecomar applied for our SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs & Start-ups scheme, which really helped them to get things moving in the early stages. The program recognises entrepreneurial potential and understands that start-ups will not always have access to the resources they need.

Successful applicants to our scheme get up to five full suites of SOLIDWORKS CAD software and full technical support at no cost for 12 months. Thanks to the scheme, Ecomar were able to quickly scale-up their business and grew from a small two-man operation, to having twelve full-time staff today.

How ECOMAR became economically efficient with SOLIDWORKS

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Richard Watson, uses SOLIDWORKS every day and relies on features such as the standard library of nuts, bolts and washers to save time on complex projects.

Richard’s currently working on the ‘Orka Design Board’, a new zero-emission outboard engine concept. He’s been tasked with developing the final prototype for next year’s product launch and virtually testing products with SOLIDWORKS Simulation has simplified his job and saved Ecomar money in the process. They can now measure outputs of designs and prototypes digitally before physically producing them; “that means we’re cutting down on costs, cutting down on waste, and we’re making the production process a lot more efficient and economically viable for a small company like ours.”, said Eugene Bari.

Ecomar have also integrated SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) into their workflow, which helps Richard to share and collaborate on projects. Because PDM works concurrently with all SOLIDWORKS software, Ecomar know they’re working on backed up, secure, up-to-date designs and data. This is crucial when it comes to streamlining operations, avoiding mistakes and having to undertake costly reworks due to data loss and needless duplication of work.

“We looked at SOLIDWORKS against others, but came to the conclusion that SOLIDWORKS is the best product in the marketplace.”

Eugene Bari, Managing Director

On ECOMAR’s partnership with Visiativ

We provide SOLIDWORKS to over 2,000 businesses in the UK and have used our knowledge to provide Ecomar with the help they need from the very beginning of our partnership. What Managing Director Eugene Bari particularly likes about the professionalism and helpfulness at Visiativ, is that we don’t just answer questions they might have. Our SOLIDWORKS experts proactively contact them to let them know about potential problems they might face in the future, so they can be aware of – and combat – potential challenges before they happen.

“Visiativ have been great right from the beginning. They’ve helped us to integrate SOLIDWORKS into our working life and they’re always at the end of the phone if we need them”, said Bari.

The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Scheme from Visiativ has been fundamental for ECOMAR in their growth stage. They were able to kick start their success by thanks to the free access to industry leading CAD software that changed the way they could work. Because of this, they continue to grow, and expect to open new facilities overseas next year.

Ecomar have gone from strength to strength and have been shortlisted for two awards at Maritime UK Solent Awards 2022. Everyone at Visiativ would like to congratulate them on their success so far and…

…we look forward to a bright future with the Ecomar Propulsion team!

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